10 Ways How Board and Card Games Can Help Kids
How do Board and Card Games Help Children?

10 Ways How Board and Card Games Can Help Kids

During rainy days and winter evenings and at other times when playing outdoors is not an option, one of the best ways to engage children is to play board and card games with them. Playing with children is also an ideal option to bond with them. Board and card games come with their own health and educational benefits.

Following are some of the benefits of playing board and card games:

  • Understand the concept of rules and practice rules

Be it road rules or school rules or being a law abiding model citizen, adhering to rules is something that every individual will have to follow throughout their life. Board and card games help understand the concept of rules early in life. By watching adults following rules, children also learn to be enriched by fair and just qualities and obey rules. In short, such games are the basics of moral education.

  • Detect patterns and develop logical reasoning

Board games help kids to detect patterns and develop their logical reasoning. This benefits children in their education when they try to understand things logically as against trying to learn things through rote memory.

  • Predict outcomes and plan ahead

Board games such as chess develop the calculating and foreseeing ability in kids. This in turn develops the skill to plan ahead. Such kind of anticipating and planning skill development will go a long way in preparing children to face regular and competitive exams as well as problem solving, strategizing and project management skills.

  • Pick up Math and language skills

Simple math based board games and language games like scrabble supplement pre-school and early primary education. Scrabble increases vocabulary, spelling, communication skills, to mention a few. Reading instructions help in improving reading ability in those children who are averse to reading. While simple math based board games can help children learn elementary Maths in a fun way.

  • Develop fine motor skills

Be it picking up small coins or rolling the dice or trying to hold a house of cards in one hand, there are enough ways for kids to develop their fine motor skills while playing board and card games.

  • Learn patience and taking turns

Regular board games help kids to share their playthings with others and teach them all about waiting for one’s turn and taking turns while playing. On the other hand, strategizing games like chess can impart the valuable lesson of patience to kids while the opposition players take time to plan their moves.

  • Practice teaming skills

When there is a large group of children, they will have to collaborate with each other to have fun through board games. Even if the board game involves just two players, kids need to work together to set up the game in the beginning and later sort and clean up once the game is finished.

  • Manage emotions

Sports and games are very good ways to channelize energy and reduce stress. At the same time, they also teach kids to handle their emotions. Children can learn to enjoy happiness mildly when they win and control tantrums and temper when they lose. Parents or other adults playing with children need to demonstrate such role model behavior to make sure that children learn to manage their emotions. This can go a long way in facing the ups and downs of life with equanimity later. 

  • Improve concentration

Getting children to focus on something for 10-15 minutes itself is a big task. Even if they have good grasping and memory power, if they don’t focus, it is difficult for children to do well in their studies. Playing board games can make children to sit and concentrate for a decent time span.

  • Boost spatial reasoning, visual perception

In young children board and card games can be used to improve perceiving things visually and to help them understand the concepts of space and time better.

Any day interactive games are a better option for children than them getting glued to a gadget screen. So next time, you are thinking of a gift for your child or for that matter even an adult member of your family go ahead and buy some of those board and card games and see how your gift helps people to become closer and spend time together.

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