Top 8 Benefits of Crosswords for Children

CrosswordHave your children stopped playing hide and seek with you and instead searching for the phone you have hidden from them? Do their thumbs twitch when you ask them to sit with you for a five minute prayer before dinner? Do they hide the phone inside the book when they are taking classes online? If your answer is yes to these questions or at least one of these, then it is clear that your children are addicted to phones and you have to take every step to cut back from their screen time. One quick fix to wean your children off gadgets is to give them enough puzzles like cross-words to keep them busy and to de-stress yourself from figuring out ways to keep them occupied. Here’s how cross-words help children:
  1. Protect eyes: By giving them cross-words to solve, you are protecting their eyes from the harmful radiations emitted by the various gadgets like mobile phones and television.
  2. Improves their vocabulary, language and communication skills: As your children pore into the dictionary to decipher the clues, they are going to look at other words also and in the process their vocabulary and language are going to improve. Communication skill is one of the most important soft skills and by solving cross word puzzles, rest assured, your children are going to develop that early in life. Any day cross word is a better way to improve your children’s vocabulary than forcing them to read when if they hate reading books.
  3. Enhances critical thinking ability: Cross words are definitely not easy to solve. As they ponder over the clues across and down, words are not going to jump out and your children will be required to do some critical thinking to get the words right.
  4. Improves attention span: When you want your children to study, half the battle is won, if you are able to make them sit and concentrate beyond 10 or 15 minutes. By doing crosswords, as they think through the clues, their focus on solving a particular piece of clue will help improve their focus and attention. For the same reason, it is also a great stress buster for adults.
  5. Enhances social skills: If solving cross words becomes a group activity, and if you can plan well to make it competitive and spike up their interest with suitable rewards, it sure is going to be lot of fun. Such a crossword solving session can not only occupy your own children but also engage your neighborhood kids and in the process improve your children’s social skills as well.
  6. Boosts self-esteem: Solving every clue will boost your children’s sense of achievement and therefore self-confidence and self-esteem.
  7. Helps slow learners: Crosswords help activate the grey cells in the brain, thereby, improving your children’s grasping power, working pace, working memory, persistence and attention. All these collectively will help children who lag behind other children to keep pace with the others in the class room. Such brain stimulating activities are used to help treat dementia, Alzheimer, and other diseases of the brain and slow down the process of ageing in adults.It is believed that a person’s brain becomes stronger and younger if that person solves cross words daily.
  8. Augments test taking skills: By setting a certain time limit for your children while they solve cross words, you are helping to improve their ability to solve a certain number of problems in a given time. This skill comes in handy when they need to face tests and exams in school.
So next time you find your children glued to the TV or twiddling their thumbs give them a cross word puzzle to solve and see it work wonders to improve the brain functions of your kids.

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