Top 5 Indoor Games for Kids

Top 5 Indoor Games for Kids

When holidays are around the corner and children become more cheerful, parents on the other hand start getting anxious as we run out of ideas to engage our children during the holidays. So once the holiday homework is done and the TV/gadget hour is up, we have a loose kid on the prowl who is bored, who starts messing up things around the house out of boredom and eventually end up throwing tantrums. Here are some cool ideas you can use to engage your kids when they run out of options to keep themselves busy.


You don’t need more than a pen, a notebook and a bowl to play Pictionary with your child. Request a family member who is not playing to write a few simple words in small bits of paper, fold them and put them in a bowl. Ask your child to pick up a word and draw the word or something related to the word in a notebook or on a board. Once the child is done with the drawing, you can try to guess the word. Next round, while you depict the word, your child can try to guess it. This game will improve your kids’ vocabulary, as well as their drawing, relating and association skills. Dumbcharade is a variation of this game where you can replace the drawing with miming out the words in sign language.


If there’s one game that has stood the test of time since the Harappan age, that’s Kancha or also known as Marbles, Goli, Goti, or Lakhoti. This is one of the earliest games children used to develop their aiming skills when other sophisticated games like carom were too expensive for the village children to buy. When a child can strike a chosen round glass marble with another one, the child can collect that marble. The winner is the player with the maximum number of marbles.

Treasure Hunt

Another global childhood game that we feel very nostalgic about and which is very popular is treasure hunt. Your house may not have enough places for you to play hide and seek with you child. But there are enough artifacts in any house to hide those interesting clues for your child to locate and win the treasure. You can change the number of clues and their difficulty level depending on your kids’ age. This game improves the thinking capacity of your children as they try to solve the riddles using the clues to lead them to the treasure they so crave. Priceless are the moments when you watch their expression as they figure out clue after clue, finally find out the gift, and open it.


This is one game that’s excellent to improve the eye-hand coordination of your children. All you require are just five pieces of small stones or sea shells. Ask your child to throw up one stone or shell in the air and before it lands, the player should pick another stone or shell from the ground and then catch the dropping stone falling from the air. If there’s a miss other players get to play the game. Like this when a child gathers all the stones from the ground and also catches the stone dropping from the air, that child wins the game. This game can be played by setting time limits also and the child who had collected maximum number of stones or shells is the winner.

Guess Who

Once a very popular game in schools, this game is still a good one to make your kid ace in knowing all about the “who’s who” in sports, politics, movies, and any other field. While it improves your children’s general knowledge, it also improves their deductive reasoning, as they ask questions, and through the answers they get, they try to decipher the famous personality that you have thought of.

For a change, just like how you do on Earth Day, switch off the power for an hour in the night, light up few candles and get your children enjoy some of your favorite games, while you take a ride down your memory lane.

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